Apprenticeship as TMFA

Educating a young person is a significant and responsible task. We aim to foster the inclinations and talents of young people and equip them for a satisfying working life by encouraging the acquisition of expert knowledge, working methods and social competencies. 

The 5-point training system of the Equine Clinic Leichlingen:


1. Rotation schedule
During your training you will rotate through all the specialist departments of our clinic. The periods of time spent in the departments are worked out so that you can build up a depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience. After completing each training element, you will receive qualified feedback from the respective department. 


2. Training concept
The options of medical diagnosis and treatment in the different specialist areas are so broad and diverse that entrants can easily become disorientated. For this reason, we have devised a precise training programme that provides you with a clear timetable as regards content. With this, your training level can be monitored at all times. This way, we can provide pinpointed support and you will always have a clear goal ahead of you. 


3. Mentors
For the duration of the apprenticeship, you will be supported by veterinary mentors. They will discuss the current training level with you and assist with general questions or problems.


4. Work-life balance
An apprenticeship to become a veterinary assistant in an equine clinic requires a great deal of personal commitment. We therefore set great store by adequate periods of rest and recuperation, especially after night and weekend shifts. The duty rota is therefore set up so that you have enough time for your private life and you can plan your appointments efficiently.


5. Responsible teamwork
It is especially important to us that you become highly qualified through your apprenticeship with us, so that numerous doors open up for you on the job market. There will certainly be occasions in your day-to-day life in the clinic when you are required to do jobs that you don’t particularly like. Conversely, we will give you a great deal of responsibility and the opportunity to assume an important role in the treatment of our patients. We will ask a lot of you and offer remuneration above the fixed tariff. Workwear will be supplied by us.