Training for vets

After the successful, above-average completion of a course of study the next step for young, ambitious veterinarians is to gather in-depth experience of the diverse diagnostic and therapeutic processes in the daily practice of a clinic. This further training serves either as a launchpad to a clinic career or as preparation for a role in outpatient care in mobile veterinary services. Veterinary physician assistants are a key pillar of medical care and the diverse, target-orientated training is a matter of prestige for every clinic. 


The 5-point training system of the Equine Clinic Leichlingen:


1. Rotation and mentoring system
During your training, which lasts 2,5 years and includes training as anaesthetist, you will rotate through all the specialist departments of our clinic and care for inpatients during day, night, weekend and emergency shifts. Following the completion of a training module, you will receive feedback from every department. You will be supported throughout the training period by mentor veterinarians, who will discuss the training levels with you and assist with general questions or problems.


2. Emergency cover
Every assistant on an emergency shift is supported by an experienced colleague. This guarantees the standard of medical examinations and treatments and enables ongoing learning without placing the patient at risk. You will receive in-depth training and testing before you take on emergency shifts alone. 


3. External further training
We support professional qualification through external further training by covering the training costs and paid leave.


4. Journal Club (internal further training in the clinic)
Current scientific publications will be presented and discussed once a week. Participation is obligatory and the sessions will be led by the senior physician of the relevant department. Overall scientific supervisor is Prof. Dr. Astrid Rijkenhuizen. 


5. Eligibility for specialised veterinarian training
The Equine Clinic Leichlingen is recognised as a training facility leading to the examination as a specialised veterinarian in the following specialist areas: 1. Specialised Veterinarian, Equine; 2. Specialised Veterinarian, Equine Orthopaedics; 3. Specialised Veterinarian, Equine Surgery. The period spent working in the Equine Clinic Leichlingen is recognised as a training period in preparation for the named specialist areas. The public authority is the model speciality training regulations of the Tierärztekammer Nordrhein.