Guiding principle


A visit to our clinic gives us a common goal: the health of your horse. The following principles form the cornerstones of our work:


… horses and their medical challenges are our top priority. We take your needs and interests very seriously. We put an emphasis on making the right medical decisions and involving you in the decision-making process.

We welcome your questions and treat you as equals. This defines our commitment to not only communicate frankly and provide objective and empathetic support in the decision-making process, but also to have the courage to sometimes say “no”. When all’s said and done, this courage serves your horse’s needs. We communicate not only with you, but also with all referring colleagues. This ensures that all information is collected before your horse arrives and guarantees the optimal conditions for follow-up treatment in your stable.


… and their recovery are at the heart of all that we do. Whether you come to us as a nature-orientated leisure rider, a competition rider with sporting ambitions, a professional rider or a breeder: Pferdeklinik Leichlingen guarantees the competent and committed medical care of all equidae – from miniature horse to Shire horse, from warmblood to donkey, from the fertilisation of the ovum to ripe old age, from family member to Olympic champion. This calls for trust, precision and a sense of responsibility in a highly coordinated team. This is our understanding of veterinary medicine.


… professional expertise spans the entire spectrum of modern medicine and is shared across the board in our clinic. The owners are part of the whole and interact on an equal footing with their staff. Running an equine clinic thrives on effective cooperation between all veterinarians and employees. Each member of our team bears a degree of responsibility that matches their individual qualifications and experience. This is especially important for a business the size of ours. We work successfully because we have several people to fulfil each professional competency and clearly defined handover processes, and because all staff employ their know-how and skills at all times to the benefit of the patients and their owners. Only as a team can we guarantee success and help your animal in the best possible way. This includes, in addition to the medical assessment, an evaluation of the prospects of success. After all, a successful recovery does not necessarily call on all the resources that modern medicine has to offer.
Setting out and maintaining clear rules for our staff in our equine clinic, but also for you as the horse owner, is an important cornerstone of medical success. Your trust in us and our strengths are prerequisites for success in our business.


… add up when everyone contributes their particular skills and works hand in hand. These skills are backed up by our large number of cases, our high level of specialisation, the continuity among our employees, the high staff density and our modern equipment. Due to these strengths, as an employer we attract the most ambitious veterinarians and can thus 
consistently raise the quality of our provisions and expand our spectrum of competencies.

Our strengths are lasting successes, rather than rapid results. It is therefore not always possible to measure the success of all treatments straight away: some treatment methods take longer to achieve the desired outcome. However, as a modern equine clinic we act quickly and efficiently in emergencies. From their very first day with us, our staff is trained to undertake a detailed examination of your horse and to respect your wishes. Our diligent introduction to this responsible profession means that we train our own junior staff, contribute to shaping the future of veterinary medicine and assume social responsibility. For all our medical success, we remain pragmatic and grounded.