A horse, unlike a human patient, cannot describe its own symptoms. It is therefore extremely important that all the available information is pooled – particularly the information provided by specialists.


For this reason we stay in very close contact with all referring veterinarians, farriers, riders, chiropractors, osteopaths, alternative practitioners, acupuncturists and homeopaths. In cases where findings are ambiguous, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the situation with a confidant of your choice.


It is very important to us that treatment progresses smoothly. Because of this, the close collaboration with the persons making the referrals ideally begins before your horse is dropped off at the clinic and ends with the feedback on discharge. Existing imaging material or laboratory results can also be very important. This does not necessarily preclude the making of new images or laboratory tests in the clinic, but allows for comparison between existing and new materials.


Through the close contact with the persons making the referrals we create the conditions for the continued optimal care of the horse, also after it has left the clinic.